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Jaan Paan Liqueur 75cl

Jaan Paan Liqueur 75cl

Enjoying Paan is a tradition dating back 4,000 years in South East Asia. It’s unique taste and aroma tantalize and excite the senses . Steeped in tradition, offering paan is symbolic of love, respect, friendship and hospitality.

The makers of Jaan have captured the exotic flavours and married it with maple, vanilla and citrus for an unforgettable taste experience - unlike anything else in this world. Globally enjoyed and winner of over 25 International Spirits Competition awards, Jaan Paan Liqueur is recognized as one of the most unique tasting liqueurs in the world. Incredibly versatile, Jaan Paan Liqueur can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or in your favourite cocktail as a mixer.

Paan Liqueur Tasting Notes:​
Appearance: Pale Amber Nose: Intensely fragrant, exotic aromas and flavours reminiscent of Indian sweet spices, cloves, herbs with floral, menthol and perfume notes
Pallet: Full bodied, rich, luscious mouth feel with spicy and exotic fruit flavours that is warm and round on the pallet
Finish: Ling lingering finish, sweet with clove and candied flavours
Proof: 25% ABV
Serve: Neat, On the rocks or in a cocktail ​

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